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♫ His Music Will Live ForEver ♫

“Over the years we became a family,all of us.You are my family…My children are your children and all the children of the world are our children and our responsibility.

It was you,who put your heart on the line.It was you,who stepped forward to defend someone you love.It was you,on a worldwide basis who supported me as my army,my soldiers of love.

You were always there.You are always loyal and I love you forever.” Michael Jackson
Mar 7 '13

"Michael was standing at the top of the stairs in the doorway. The staffers each had instructions to shake our hands and introduce themselves as we passed. This was a different Michael then the one I had seen in my office earlier. He was very much in control. He seemed accustomed to being in charge as he instructed his staff to now go back to their regular duties. Once they had gone, I introduced Mason to Michael, who in turn introduced us to Prince-3 years old and Paris-2 years old, who had been standing just behind him as he come out to greet us. Paris was rather shy and had bouth arms around Michael’s right leg as she peered out from behind him to watch us. Prince was quite the gentleman as he stepped forward, shook our hands and said that he was pleased to meet us. Michael tried to get Paris to say hi,but all she did was bury her head in his pajama bottoms.This made Michael laugh a little and he said,’ Paris, you applehead.’
Eventually after hearing this word used a number of different times over the next few mounth I figured out that  ‘Applehead’  was actually a term of endearment that Michael used for anyone who was being silly. He even used it on Mason a few times. With no stuff around him now, Michael was a lot gentler, like the person I had met in my office.”   Dr.W B Van Valin II - MJ’s friend

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